CCTV Solutions

Five Rings specialise in the Installation, Servicing and Maintenance of CCTV system in India.

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Dome CCTV Camera's are one of the most common types of camera. Suitable for use both indoor and outdoor applications. Named because of the dome-shaped housing within which the camera is mounted, these are ideal for deterring crime as it is not easy for intruders to see which way the camera is facing and try to evade detection.

Speed dome cameras are also available. These cameras allow an operator to pan/tilt/zoom and spin quickly, giving them a greater ability to focus on specific events.

PTZ camera's allow the camera to have free range of pivotal movement, panning and tilting, with optical zoom. These cameras are used in situations where there is an operator sitting in a control room who is manually operating and monitoring on-site security systems from a remote location.